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A large number of online warehouses currently propose all kinds of shipping methods. The most used nowadays is delivery to a parcel shop, so you have the opportunity to pick up the order yourself when it suits you. The method is therefore very flexible, and also the most price-conscious form of freight.

You should also consider the pros and cons of ordering delivery to your home or to the address where you work. The method is sometimes a tad more costly, but also very smart. However, the most affordable type of freight will always be to pick up the products yourself, which, however, is conditional on you living near the e-shops working warehouse.

The shipping period can be very decisive if we need to use the products immediately, and it is therefore obviously wise to study the estimated delivery time for the product in question.

A number of online companies offer delivery on just one working day for most products, but dont forget that this requires the order to be completed before a specific time, taking into account that they can safely have the package dispatched before the logistics staff head home.

Until several online shops offer free shipping, but typically only when you shop for a specific price. In addition, you have to choose the cheapest option for shipping, which in many cases – regardless of whether you are near Aarhus, Grenaa or Faaborg – is to have the package delivered to a parcel shop.

The cheapest delivery model

It has proven to be really unproblematic for ordinary mortals to find the lowest prices from several online companies and thus a lot of e-businesses have been unable to resist by pushing the price level of the items – for boys and girls, and additionally also for women and men – considerably, and even sometimes provide free delivery.

Therefore, it can still be profitable to try several online companies for offers before you shop, so that you have no doubts about getting the cheapest price.

After all, one must not forget that in the event that an online store offers the best in test items for sale for a sale price that seems mysteriously affordable, this should sometimes be an indicator of an unauthentic e-store . Fortunately, card orders are covered under a scheme that guarantees you as a buyer against fake online warehouses.

We generally suggest transactions by card or payments by mobile phone. As another solution, you could take advantage of an installment plan from e.g. ViaBill, if you intend to pay the money over a longer period of time.

Before someone shops in an internet retailer, after all, you could scrutinize the online stores rules, but this is typically not very interesting.

The alternative may therefore be to note whether the online web shop is a member of the e-label, because this may be an indication that the online shop meets the applicable Danish rules, in addition to the fact that the web shop is regularly inspected by experts who are familiar with the applicable regulations. This is a good chance for assistance should you experience difficulties with your order.

Also, it is good that the buyer is aware of the most essential statutes that may have an impact on the transaction, e.g. the right of exchange guaranteed by the online business. In this connection, it is also relevant that you permanently keep your order receipt, so that you will be able to testify about your order at any time, regardless of whether you are looking for an item for a girl or a boy.

Delivery to your home address or to your work

Trustpilot results in fairly solid shortcuts to learn more about a large portion of current consumers reflections and thereby it is recommended that you take a closer look on the internet company ratings before you buy.

Facebook gives you similar really credible opportunities to get an impression of the internet businesss customer satisfaction. In addition, there are a number of internet companies where people can give a critique of the order process, which should also be taken advantage of to get an impression of how happy the customers are.

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